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Today, The Ice Will Hold

Yes, with each step, we feel it is colder still. We share laughter amid our steps. Finally, it is cold enough. The ice will hold, we say. Today, the ice will hold.

The Death of the Dollar: Will Your Business Survive?

The death of the dollar means that, as business owners, we must prepare for continued pricing pressures, increased supply chain volatility and higher borrowing costs. No, the U.S. dollar as a currency is not...

What I learned losing a million dolllars




What you can learn from Losing a Million Dollars

What Not To Do One summer, legendary trader Jim Paul entered a trade based on fundamentals, insight and intuition. As the trade entered its second month, Paul knew he had...

Purpose: the Moment of Power in Business

-- In this conversation, Bob and Jack discuss the beauty of having a purpose as well as its practical implications. The most important of which is how purpose can influence one's business decisions, specifically how it shapes exit strategy.

5 Insights into Exit Strategy

From Successful Cleveland Entrepreneur Bob Titmas As owner and CEO of ABCO Fire since 1992, Bob Titmas has presided over the fire protection service company’s growth from its Northeast Ohio beginnings into a...

customer service strategies




Customer Service Strategies – Intro

Barbara Khozam is a customer service speaker and expert. She is ranked in the top 1% of leading trainers in the US. Barbara Khozam has spoken to more than 35,000 people throughout 8 countries about customer service strategies and similar topics. In this podcast, Jack (Beacham) talks to Barbara about customer service strategies.




Is Your Business a Holy Ride Yourself to Know?

Bring meaning and purpose to your business A business moves from simply surviving to thriving by way of a relentless focus on adding value to the lives of its customers....

One Part Valuation, One Part Negotiation

There is an inherent tension in a negotiation between a founder and an investor. An experienced investor knows this. Even an inexperienced investor knows this. Anybody who has ever been...

Strategy for Your Independent Business

Strategy for independent business has never been more critical. Competitors come on-line, quite literally, over night. Tier one industrial powerhouses and big box retailers continue to squeeze profit from every...