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Strategy for Independent Business
1,917 Businesses Fail on an Average Day in America 79 Businesses Fail Each Hour Businesses Fail Business failures run out of cash From Growth to Bankruptcy

Business Strategy

Independent businesses decrease likelihood of failure by avoiding these 13 costly mistakes.

Strategy for Your Independent Business

Cash Intelligence

As independent businesses increase their cash intelligence, they decrease the likelihood of failure.

Strategy for Your Independent Business

Cash Forecast Tool

This cash forecast tool provides a simplified, low-cost way to get started.

Strategy for Your Independent Business

Guaranteed Results

Our products and services deliver measurable results. Talk to us for details.

Strategy for Your Independent Business
Here's How
Avoid business failure through better cash intelligence. Put this simple tool to work for you.

Strategy for Independent Business

We help independent businesses to create, to optimize and to lead a meaningful, profitable and sustainable business strategy.

We can help you to create a more meaningful, more profitable and more sustainable business strategy. Our strategic program is a synthesis of the approaches of the leading business strategies through the ages right up to our time. We have three program packages sized for most every budget. Based on your input, it is tailored to any of four specific business situations:

Start Ups, Growth Companies, Companies in Trouble and Owner Exits.

And, we can help you to optimize your strategy using simple, cost-effective cash intelligence mindsets, tools and applications.

Chief among these is our proprietary approach to financial modeling in general and cash flow forecasting in particular.

Finally, we can help you to monitor and manage your way forward using a critical few key performance indicators properly constructed.

If you’d like to learn how we can work for you, you can request a free Q & A Session.

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